Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience to use Solar Pro?

Anyone with a basic understand of PV system fundamentals can easily use Solar Pro. Solar Pro has a guided Simulation Wizard to assist you in creating 3D cad images of houses, buildings, and PV arrays. More detailed design, shading analysis, and power generation simulations are all possible with Solar Pro.

How can I recommend new product features or report software bugs?

We encourage users to provide feedback so that we can continue to improve Solar Pro. Our goal is to provide a practical and accurate solution for solar design and we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at:

Is Solar Pro used to design residential PV systems or commercial PV systems?

Solar Pro can be used to design both residential and commercial PV systems. It supports rooftop, ground-mounted, single and dual-axis trackers.

Is there a limit to the size of a system that can be designed in Solar Pro?

Each Solar Pro project can have up to 400 arrays with a maximum of 400 modules per array, and up to 400 inverters.

What weather data formats are supported?

Solar Pro supports all the popular weather data formats as well as user-generated meteo files. In addition to its native database of 1,600 locations worldwide (provided by NEDO/Japan Weather Association), Solar Pro also supports data from NRSDB TMY3, NREL Solar Prospector, Meteonorm, METPV, Monsola-11, SolarGIS.

How Does Solar Pro calculate energy generation?

Solar pro calculates system performance at the module-level using the PV Equivalent Circuit model. It calculates and integrates generated output at specified intervals of 1 – 60 minutes. Calculations are performed over specified periods from 1 day to 1 year. 8,760 hours (24 hrs x 365 days), or 288 hours (24 hrs x 12 months) of data can be exported as csv file.

How does Solar Pro handle shading?

Shading is calculated in detail from all objects created in Solar Pro’s 3D CAD interface. Users can upload Solmetric SunEye data and create horizon profiles for far shading. Solar Pro can also use this same data to automatically adjust the heights of near shading objects such as trees. Shading visualization can be performed in the 3D CAD interface on a minute-by-minute for any day of the year.

What is the source of Solar Pro’s solar module and inverter data? Can I use PAN files?

Solar Pro includes module and inverter data from the Photon Database ( Currently users cannot upload module PAN files directly (we have plans to include this feature soon). However users can create custom module and inverter files in Solar Pro. Please contact support for assistance.