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Shading Analysis

Through integrated 3D CAD and sophisticated algorithms, create detailed and accurate shading analyses that track the sun’s path throughout the year.

Use SunEye data to create horizon profiles or to assist with creating 3D CAD objects

Detailed and accurate shading analysis is possible with Solar Pro thanks to its integrated 3D CAD and sophisticated algorithms which track the sun’s path throughout the year. Irradiation losses due to phenomena such as inter-array shading are not only calculated accurately, but also easily visualized using Solar Pro’s Time Tracking bar which shows the sun’s movement across the sky and shadow movements moment-by-moment throughout the year. The 3D model can be rotated in all directions allowing the user to understand the effects of casted shadows on their arrays in great detail. Shadow trajectory and even glare can be simulated in Solar Pro.


  • Model near shading objects with automatic height adjustment using Solmetric SunEye data
  • Calculate far (horizon) shading using SunEye data or manual user input
  • Time tracking bar that allows visualization of the shading effects minute by minute throughout the year
  • Completely integrated support for inter-array shading and single & dual-axis trackers
  • Shading animations in 3D
  • Shadow trajectory and reflected light visualization

Horizon profiles can be created using SunEye data or manual input