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Solar Pro 4.5

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Power Generation Calculation

Accurate power generation calculations are performed based on the equivalent circuit module model.

Detailed 12-month performance graph

Solar Pro performs accurate power generation calculations at the module level based on the equivalent circuit model. Location-specific hourly or averaged monthly weather data is applied to the 3D CAD model to accurately calculate the actual irradiance falling on each solar module. This calculation is performed in intervals between 1 to 60 minutes, depending on user specification. Horizon profiles can be manually created by the user, or automatically created by uploading Solmetric SunEye data. SunEye data can also be used to assist the user in accurately determining the heights of nearby shading objects such as trees. Solar Pro then accounts for all other losses and efficiencies to arrive at the final energy output at the inverter.


  • Module-level IV Curve calculations
  • Quick string design using the Simulation Wizard
  • Detailed string and electrical design
  • Support for solar modules and inverters in the Photon database
  • Supports all popular weather data formats as well as user-generated meteo files: TMY3, Meteonorm, METPV, Monsola-11, SolarGIS
  • Daily and annual power generation reports and graphs

Loss Diagram and user-editable loss factors