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Output & Reporting

Solar Pro supports a project’s success with animated client presentations, design drawings, and detailed reports.

Energy Generation table & graph

Solar Pro is capable of generating 8,760 (24 hrs X 365 days) or 288 (24 hrs X 12 months) hours of generation data, exportable to csv file. This data allows designers and analysts to compare hourly solar generation vs site consumption and helps them to optimize their PV system’s design and make financial decisions such as choosing the appropriate utility tariff for their customer. Customized reports can be generated to show detailed losses, IV-curve graph, power generation graph, color-coded array stringing configuration, and shading effects. The CAD model can be printed in any view, and dimensioned layouts can also be generated and exported to dxf.

In addition to printing reports and csv data, Solar Pro is unique in that it allows users to visualize the design of a PV system through its fully interactive 3D CAD interface. Users can zoom in and out, and fully rotate models in 3D. Solar Pro’s time tracking bar allows users to see the effects shading at any moment throughout the year. This greatly aids in the planning of array placement without the need to run any calculations.


  • Animated shading simulations, shadow trajectory, and reflection visualizations
  • Print layout and designs and export to CAD formats (.dxf file)
  • Generation of IV curves and IV curve calculations, power generation graphs, and color-coded string configurations
  • Generation of fully customizable reports with detailed graphs and tables
  • Export hourly performance data to CSV

View Report details and save to csv