Photovoltaic System Monitoring Solar Link Arch

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Remote Monitoring and Presentation System

Solar Link ARCH monitoring diagramSolar Link ARCH is a complete remote monitoring solution for photovoltaic power generation systems. Our Application Service Provider (ASP) service allows users to remotely collect and analyze field data. Whether it’s a portfolio of residential roof-top PV installations or mega-watt solar power plants in isolated locations, this intuitive web interface allows users to easily monitor their power generation systems without physically visiting the site. Highly customizable, multi-level performance alerts can be configured for effective management of your PV assets.

Solar Link ARCH’s primary features:

  • Monitoring DashboardReal-time remote monitoring of power generation equipment and site conditions
  • Monitor multiple inverters at a single site or a portfolio of many sites
  • Performance metrics and fault diagnosis
  • Configurable multi-level email alerts
  • Inverter direct monitoring and inverter control
  • Consumption monitoring
  • String-level monitoring
  • Webcam
  • Comprehensive monitoring dashboard
  • Rich and informative presentation screens
  • Customizable reports
  • Download raw data to .CSV

Detailed Graphs allow for effective performance analysis and fault diagnosis View Hourly, Daily, and 12-month performance trends Rich and Informative Presentation Screens