Solar Link Monitoring Solutions

ARCH Web-based Monitoring Service

Solar Link ARCH is a complete remote monitoring solution for photovoltaic power generation systems. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model allows users to remotely collect and analyze field data. Whether it’s a portfolio of residential roof-top PV installations or mega-watt solar power plants in isolated locations, this intuitive web interface allows users to easily monitor their power generation systems without physically visiting the site. Customizable, multi-level performance alerts can be configured for effective management of your PV assets.

Solar Link ARCH’s primary features:

Arch Web based Monitoring ServiceSYSTEM DASHBOARD

  • Real-time remote monitoring of power generation equipment and site conditions
  • Monitor multiple inverters and devices at a single site or a portfolio of many sites
  • Configurable multi-level email alerts
  • Inverter-direct monitoring and inverter control
  • Consumption monitoring
  • String-level monitoring
  • Webcam
  • Data download to .CSV


  • Performance metrics and fault diagnosis
  • Configurable performance thresholds and alerts


  • Rich and informative presentation screens
  • Animated System Diagrams
  • Interactive Energy Graphs

Energy Storage System Monitoring

Solar Link ARCH is now fully compatible with solar installations employing energy storage systems.

Energy Storage System Monitoring DashboardHighlights Of Our ESS Monitoring System Include:

Customer Dashboard with an Animated Overview of the System Status

  • Solar Generation
  • Battery Charge / Discharge Status
  • Grid Electricity Import & Export
  • Building Current Consumption (Demand)

Energy Storage System Monitoring InteractiveInteractive Energy Profile Graphs (hourly, daily, monthly)

  • Solar Generation
  • Battery Charge, Discharge, State of Charge
  • Building Energy Consumption
  • Grid Energy Imported / Exported

Environmental Benefits and other Customizable Screens

String-Level Monitoring

String-Level MonitoringSolar Link monitoring is compatible with leading sub-array level monitoring hardware devices. For retrofit installations with existing PV systems, we offer the Taiyo-Yuden SOLMIV™ wireless string monitoring system. SOLMIV™ is a “plug-n-play” solution that seamlessly integrates into each PV string without the need to power down the array or replace/modify existing equipment.


  • String Sensor Unit conveniently installs between any 2 solar modules on a string
  • One Management Unit measures up to 350 strings
  • 1000V DC maximum system voltage
  • Low Power Consumption (SSU <500mW, MU <2000mW); No external power source required
  • Wireless communication protocol

ZERO Data-logging Monitoring Terminal

ZERO Data-logging Monitoring TerminalSolar Link ZERO is a renewable energy measurement and display system consisting of a compact monitoring terminal with integrated data logger, internet gateway, and web server. Powered by a CPU running Linux OS, this system is easy to install and scalable.

Solar Link ZERO Terminal can measure inverter output, battery status, revenue & consumption meters, weather stations, and other devices via two RS-485 and one RS-232C ports.

The data is then sent to Solar Link ARCH where it can be viewed remotely. ZERO Terminal also comes equipped with a DVI-D video output and customizable presentation software – please ask us about our Kiosk solutions for schools and other public buildings.

Solar Link ZERO’s primary features:

  • Collect Inverter data (Up to 10 inverters per ZERO Terminal)
  • Collect String-level PV generation data
  • Collect weather station, meter, and web-cam data
  • Integrated data logger and internet gateway
  • RS-485, RS-232C serial, USB, Ethernet, and DVI-D video ports
  • Kiosk mode with customizable displays
  • Display PV System performance and environmental benefits
  • Detailed failure history log
  • Up to 8Gb of data storage