Photovoltaic Simulation and Design

3D CAD with Google Maps functionalityRenewable energy, particularly solar photovoltaics, is rapidly becoming a conventional method of generating electrical power to our generation. With this development comes a growing need for innovative software to support the design and optimization of PV power systems.

Today’s software tools are specialized and designed for specific phases of the PV system project workflow. But, designers demand a comprehensive solution that addresses the entire project workflow. To support fast, efficient and cost effective project deployment, the ideal PV project design software should be easy-to-use, accurate, and able to handle the various phases of a PV project.

PV System Monitoring

The Monitoring Market

A record number of solar plants are in operation today. With the rise of solar energy solutions, the need for accurate solar monitoring systems is also growing. Whether you’re a project owner, developer, financer, or contractor, you want to make sure you’re making a solid investment. Your revenue depends on it! By installing an effective PV monitoring system, you are not only managing and reducing risks, you are cutting system operation and maintenance costs. A system that reports accurate and reliable data will help you effectively monitor, evaluate, and maintain peak system performance.

Importance of Choosing the Right Monitoring Solution

Monitoring systems provide users with a remote visual representation of their PV system’s performance. They are valuable because they ensure PV systems are operating at their optimal level, continuously providing the desired level of performance assurance.

Power simulation and IV-Curve animation in real-timeIf your solar plant’s monitoring system is well-designed, installed, and maintained, it will generate the maximum ROI, while keeping operating costs at a minimum.

With accurate data monitoring, project developers and financiers can minimize risk and evaluate system performance. O&M contractors rely on detailed data and automated alerts to quickly diagnose issues and minimize downtime.

photovoltaic simulationLaplace Systems, Inc. provides accurate and reliable monitoring, delivering an immediate notification of any system issues to the appropriate parties. Without our effective and comprehensive system, issues may not be discovered until a scheduled maintenance trip or a frantic call from a system owner. Laplace is also committed to helping companies promote corporate social responsibility. With our systems, companies can display PV System performance and energy savings data via kiosks and public TV monitors. This data highlights environmental benefits, conveying the importance of renewable energy.

For the homeowner, a monitoring system can help manage all aspects of their solar system. By installing a monitoring system, the homeowner ensures their solar system will accurately meet their personal energy needs and savings goals. Our cloud-based system is easily customized to our client’s project, whether it is a new installation or a retrofit of an existing PV system. Clear and informative graphics make it easy for everyone to understand the PV system’s performance and automated alerts keep system owners informed of any system issues.

Why Partner with Laplace?

Laplace Systems, Inc. has been monitoring residential and commercial solar plants since 1997. Our monitoring systems have a proven reliability record. We are currently monitoring over 3.9GW of solar power and have installed over 12,427 systems in 2013 alone.

Our systems can be customized to meet your individual solar requirements. With a dedicated field support staff and experienced R&D engineers, we are committed to delivering a system tailored for your specific needs. With our resources, proven track record, and experience, you can trust that your solar power assets are in good hands.

Global PV Monitoring Report (click on graphic to enlarge)

The figure below presents the top 38 monitoring vendors with at least 0.5 GW of total fleet monitored or 0.1 GW added in 2013. The size of each bubble indicates total fleet capacity and the horizontal position reflects the market velocity. The vertical position shows the average size of sites added in 2013. Laplace System (our parent company in Japan) was one of the fastest growing in 2013.

Global PV Monitoring Report
Source: GTM Research / SoliChamba Consulting