About Laplace Solar

Company Background and History

Laplace Systems, Inc. was established in 2014 as the United States subsidiary of Laplace System Co., Ltd. Since its founding in 1990, Laplace System Co., Ltd. has pioneered the development of renewable energy software in Japan. In 1997, they released their PV simulation and PV monitoring software. Seeking to deliver the successful renewable energy solutions introduced in Japan to the rest of the world, Laplace Systems, Inc. was born. We now deliver the same advanced solar power software solutions to the United States: Solar Pro photovoltaic (PV) design and simulation software (Solar Pro) and our Solar Link Series of PV performance monitoring solutions (Solar Link ZERO and Solar Link ARCH).

These combined, innovative solutions help users build efficient and well-designed PV systems, ensuring optimal performance through dedicated real-time monitoring and performance analytics. Our customers now have the capabilities to effectively design a system, predict its performance, and manage the actual performance with our combined solution. By simply incorporating our renewable energy solutions into their project, our customers can streamline their design process, reduce soft costs, add accuracy and value to their projects, increase their project’s ROI, and promote corporate social responsibility.

Mission & Vision

We are committed to revolutionize the solar industry by producing innovative software and services that contribute to our customers’ success, effectively utilizing solar power and renewable energy to create a better future for our planet.


Through education, community awareness, and solar power initiatives, Laplace Systems, Inc. is dedicated to the growth and success of the renewable energy industry. We are committed to teaching youth about solar power and renewable energy. Following in the footsteps of our parent company, Laplace System Co., Ltd., we will contribute to school educational programs with our easy to learn visual presentations (graphic displays) of PV systems. It is our goal to educate future generations on the importance of solar technology and utilize renewable energy for future generations.


Laplace Systems believes in:

  • Creating a brighter future with our software technology solutions
  • Developing solar technologies that promote the use of renewable energy
  • Solving customer problems effectively and efficiently
  • Promoting employee creativity, collaboration, and camaraderie
  • Being responsible stewards of our planet’s natural resources


Contact Us

We are committed to delivering a comprehensive renewable energy solution to your business. We have solutions that fit your needs and budget. Contact us today to discuss your project’s individual requirements and learn more about what Laplace Systems can do for you.

Global PV Monitoring Report (click on graphic to enlarge)

The figure below presents the top 38 monitoring vendors with at least 0.5 GW of total fleet monitored or 0.1 GW added in 2013. The size of each bubble indicates total fleet capacity and the horizontal position reflects the market velocity. The vertical position shows the average size of sites added in 2013. Laplace System (our parent company in Japan) was one of the fastest growing in 2013.

Global PV Monitoring Report

Source: GTM Research / SoliChamba Consulting